Mon. Aug 10th, 2020

simple health tips you need to start following right away

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It is never too late to start following healthy eating and fitness tips. If you feel like you have been ignoring your health for too long and need some guidance, start with these simple health tips by Ramesh Gajria, Founder, TrainMe. 

1. Say no to junk food- It may sound cliched, yet we find more and more of junk food everywhere today. Junking is not only about ditching the big fat burger, but it is also about indulging in many fried snacks you buy from the shelves in a retail store near you. One piece of advice is, do not buy any attractively packaged food until you read the nutrition information on the back of the packet. Only then you will realise that you are doing harm to your health.

2. Include more fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet- It is time you eat more fresh, green-leafy vegetables and fruits, giving it a clear preference over other foods like red meat, for example. Also, have it fresh and not in its processed avatar (which includes preservatives too), for example, consuming an orange juice pack. Have it organic as far as possible.

3. Do more cooking- It is more important to cook your food and enjoy a full meal with your friends and families. The ready-to- eat food packets are a clear no so that you can enjoy the healthy, nutritious portion of every meal you have in a day.

4. Garnish food with herbs and spices- It is the best way to consume less salt or avoid the use of artificial ingredients spray on the food. There are many rich spices such as turmeric (which is an antiseptic), or coriander seeds (a rich source of vitamin A, iron and calcium), which make for a perfect substitute for any form of artificial ingredients. There is many more on the list of herbs and spices and can be used for garnishing food, salads or curries so that you are always eating a fresh and healthy diet.

5. Exercise regularly- If you already have a fitness schedule, then there is no better occasion than revisiting your options and bring in changes or fine-tune your personal fitness goals. It is time to switch from moderate to more strenuous exercising, for example, and for people who don’t actively exercise, it is time to start with simple workout plan like walking for 45-minutes in a day to doing some cardio machines in the gym.

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